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After earning my degree in physical therapy, with an emphasis in elder care, I’ve spent my career focused on providing person centric care in a way that enriched my client’s quality of life.

As I began to recognize the lack of options families have for quality care communities, I aspired to establish a space that residents could feel was an extension of their own home. This concept has guided our program development at Villa Lorena, from enriching daily activities, to nutritious meals, and live entertainment events that the whole family is encouraged to come enjoy.

It has become home for many of my own family members and I am at ease knowing that they are getting the best care possible. Stopping by, you might find my husband Bill capturing special moments in the community on camera or enjoying one of Chef Rene's delicious meals with his mother, sister, and brother who all live at Villa Lorena.


If you can join us for one of our many community events, you’re bound to run into at least one of our six children, and maybe even our first granddaughter!

- Lorraine

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